Immaculate Imperfection

Cathy Sarkowsky’s series of ink paintings, “Immaculate Imperfection”, explores the tension between control and abandon in the artistic process. Creating balance between exacting linework and the unpredictable flow of ink demands surrendering to intuition and spontaneity, letting go of expectations and planned outcomes. The pas de deux of resolutely manipulating materials and letting them evolve results in natural, happy “accidents”.

This process of artistic emancipation allows fantastic possibilities. Anomalies arising from the creative process add to the uniqueness and elegance of the work. Sarkowsky’s colorful, intense paintings are created using multiple layers of ink. A variety of techniques are used to create depth, light, intrigue and illusion. Images are laid down, covered, perhaps barely revealed, to suggest what might have been. Precise, controlled marks on top of loose flowing color and form, as in the “Red Creatures” series, create a unique dynamic and appeal.

Sarkowsky, who resides in Seattle, has shown consistent commitment to experimentation in her work, maintaining a fascination with, and fearless use of, color and materials. “Immaculate Imperfection” embodies the concept that it is both possible and desirable to find beauty in the imperfect as well as solace in the truth that, while nothing is perfect, impeccable imperfection exists.