Where Do We Go From Here?

These paintings explore the question “Where do we go from here?” Given the paradigm shifts that are occurring today – financially, culturally, socially, politically, environmentally – many of us are reexamining the choices we make in life.

The resultant questions, such as “Where do I belong?” and “Where am I going and how do I get there?”, permeate the physical, emotional and spiritual components of our existence. We wonder how to find our true selves, our purpose, our usefulness. We search for meaningful ways to relate to others and to fill in the blanks in our lives.

The red grids forming the foundation of each of these paintings provide structure and suggest a world of possibility therein. Through the use of color, patterns reveal themselves, offering different perspectives and opportunities for movement and intersection. Pathways and options become clear along the way, rarely emerging as imagined.

The pursuit of patterns within the formal structure of the grids is a process of discovery, of letting go, of restraint. The result is a tapestry of connectivity, a crossroads of opportunity, a mosaic of possibility. These paintings are hopeful. They reveal a multitude of ways for us to see and believe in our individual and collective future.